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It's Not Stupid, It's Advanced

Maybe I AM the faggot America, now that you mention it

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Mid-20s. Lifelong Northern Californian, San Francisco Bay Area native on a Central Valley excursion. Spiritual, Asatruar (since '99) with eclectic pagan background (since '98) and occasional Buddhist leanings (since '92). Continuing professional student (since '95) with an academic bent and no degree. Addictive personality, I have issues with peoplefoodsexdrugsgamblingvideogamescomputers and who ever thought I'd get so much good out of it. 6'3", 300 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, face fuzz, glasses. Told I look like your average member of sci-fi/fantasy fandom. Furry when I'm feeling fannish. Looking for JakeBull? Ya found me.
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